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Second-to-None in Water Heater Repair in Richardson, TX

One of the more common reasons to need a trustworthy and dependable company like 1st Class Plumbing is the need for water heater repair in Richardson, TX. We're local and ready to respond when your water heater is doing anything out of the ordinary. We're here for you when it matters most. Call today if you need water heater service.

Adverse Effects of Improper or DIY Installation

If you attempt to complete water heater installation yourself, keep in mind that there are some potential risks to be aware of first. For one thing, there's the potential to make incorrect gas or electrical connections, which can be a serious problem if there's a leak or electrical fire. Additionally, you could invalidate the warranty, which can mean more expensive repairs later. As far as repairs go, they're more likely to be a more frequent occurrence.

Signs Water Heater Repair Is Needed ASAP

Some signs you need your water heater to have some expert attention are fairly obvious, like having no hot water at all. Others, however, are a bit more subtle in nature. Regardless of what applies to your situation, contact a plumber in Richardson, TX, if you're noticing any of the following signs:

  • Running out of hot water too soon
  • Hearing crackling, popping, and other odd sounds
  • Noticing hot water that's discolored or emitting a noticeable odor
  • Water that takes longer to get hot
  • An inability to use more than one thing that needs hot water at a time
  • Visible water leaks

We also recommend contacting us if you're noticing inconsistent temperatures or if it's taking longer than expected for the tank to refill. Even if the issue may not seem urgent, it's best to err on the side of caution and contact us to schedule an appointment to find out what's going on with your water heaters.

When to Consider a Replacement

A water heater replacement is generally needed after about a decade or so if you have a conventional water heater and around the 20-year point if you have a tankless system. Replacement is also worth considering if you have a water heater that's needing repairs more often or one that's no longer efficient. You can also benefit from a new water heater if your current one isn't sized correctly for your household and hot water needs.

Reduce the risk of needing replacement sooner than what's typical by taking advantage of our water heater maintenance service options. Maintaining your water heater involves steps such as flushing the tank annually and checking the anode rod if you have a conventional water heater.

Why Hire Our Team

Let our plumbing company provide the water heater services you need because:

  • We're local and easily accessible
  • We keep our rates reasonable and upfront
  • We're fully licensed, bonded, and insured
  • Our plumbing pros are respectful and knowledgeable

Call Today and We'll Be There ASAP

Don't let water heater concerns linger. Whether you have a tankless water heater or a conventional one, we'll expertly, promptly, and affordably, count on our team to restore your full access to hot water.

Contact us today to schedule your appointment or request urgent assistance. We also provide drain cleaning in Richardson, TX.