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Professional Drain Cleaning in Plano, TX

If you're noticing signs of drain issues, contact 1st Class Plumbing and we will be there for you ASAP. Our drain cleaning solutions and services include routine cleanings to prevent any drain problems down the road. When you count on our team for drain cleaning in Plano, TX, you won’t have to worry about recurring clogs at all.

Why DIY Drain Cleaning Is Not A Good Option

Cleaning drains isn't always easy or safe if it's not done professionally. One of the major issues with DIY cleaning is over-relying on drain cleaning products. Using chemical cleaning products too often is risky because these products are corrosive, which can result in damage to your drains. Even drain snaking can be risky if not done professionally.

Being surprised by drain issues isn't pleasant. Regular cleaning reduces this risk. You'll also have drain lines that last longer, which saves you money by avoiding the need to replace your drain lines. With our routine drain cleaning services, you also won't be tempted to use chemical cleaners and other methods that aren't good for your drains.

Signs of a Clog Issue

Give our team a call at the first sign of a backed-up or clogged drain. One of the top signs of a clog is water backing up from your drains when they're used. Additional signs of a clog that should be reason enough to give us a call to schedule a drain cleaning include:

  • Foul drain odors
  • Strange sounds when drains are used
  • Other drains backing up when you use a drain that's close to the ones backing up
  • Slow draining
  • Water gathering around where your drains are located

These issues are often caused by regular use. Common clog culprits include grease, food particles, soap residue, and items not meant to be flushed. Underground drain lines are sometimes affected by tree and shrub roots, which are often taken care of with hydro jetting. What we're doing with hydro or water jetting is using highly pressurized water to break up stubborn debris that often includes tree roots.

Preparing for a Drain Cleaning Service

One way to prepare before a plumber in Plano, TX, arrives is to be sure that the area around them is clear and accessible. It can also be helpful to do a minor cleaning of your drains before a routine cleaning. One way to safely do this is to use a mix of hot water and vinegar or baking soda.

Why Choose Our Drain Cleaning Team

Our drain and plumbing services are provided with quality in mind at all times. Work with our team for the following reasons:

  • Our rates are reasonable
  • Our team is licensed, bonded, and insured
  • We use safe, reliable drain cleaning methods
  • Our technicians are courteous and punctual

Schedule a Drain Cleaning Today

1st Class Plumbing is the drain cleaning company to trust. We're local and prepared to address a wide range of drain-related issues. We're easily accessible and always prepared with fully stocked service vehicles.

Benefit from drain cleaning or a water heater repair in Plano, TX, by working with the 1st Class Plumbing team. Expect only the best solutions when you get in touch with us. Call us or fill out the form to schedule an appointment.