Preventative Maintenance

​1st Class Protection Plan:


The 1st Class Protection Plan is a plumbing service plan with a difference. In contrast to many other Plano plumbers service agreements, our Protection Plan offers homeowners real value and real service.


21 Point Home Tune Up:


When you join the family, we will dye test you toilets to make sure you’re not loosing any water, make adjustments as needed,Clean out your faucet aerators for better volume.Check washing machine hoses for material flexibility, and integrity, to identify the potential for hose ruptures.Flush water heater tank to remove sediment build up from your homes water system, extend water heater life, and improve water heater recovery and performance.Soap test visible gas lines for property and life threatening leaks.Check emergency shut-off valve operation to ensure the valves will work when needed.Those are just a few things we will do for your home plumbing system when you become a Protection Plan Member.

Annual Safety inspection with a water heater flush and tune up: Annual check-ups Can prevent costly surprises. Hidden drips, leaky valves, and faulty water heaters can lead to inconvenient, costly and even dangerous surprises. Chances are, As a 1st Class Protection Plan Member, you wont have a plumbing emergency because plumbing inspections can catch problems before they get out of hand.

You’re Number One! As a member, you aren’t “just another customer”to us. We will place you at the “head of the line” so you will get the fastest service possible.You will receive our Value Rate on every service we perform. The savings alone can more than pay for the low membership fee.As a member you will never pay after hours fees. If something goes wrong, we are available 24 hours a day.Never spend another dime on “ Certified” repairs and fixtures. Any certified repair or fixture that we perform for you will be covered as long as you membership is in force. (This warranty expires if your membership lapses)