Kitchen & Bath Upgrades

Some People Call us Dream Makers. We Can Live with That.

You want to see someone get super passionate about their home…you know, the way they do on all those HGTV shows? Just ask them what, if anything, they would do to update their kitchen or bathroom. Because unless they’ve just undergone that process, pretty much everyone has a wash list for making either room prettier, classier, more convenience oriented, and just plain nicer.

Well, if you have big (or small) plans for your home, you can count on 1st Class Plumbing for all plumbing-related project activities. Here’s just a sampling of what we can do to help deliver the kitchen or bathroom of YOUR dreams:

Kitchen Plumbing Improvements

  • Add an island utility sink
  • Replace your faucets and sink
  • Replace your garbage disposal
  • Install the right piping so you can connect your new fridge ice maker
  • Install a gas connection so you can upgrade to a gas oven or range
  • Install the right plumbing for a coffee or wet bar

Bathroom Plumbing & Other Improvements

  • Install grab bars for added safety
  • Replace your vanity, sink and faucets
  • Install an anti-scald faucet or shower head
  • Replace your toilet with a high-seat model for easier access
  • Install a walk-in tub
  • Install a steam shower for greater luxury and therapeutic value

At the same time, we have much more to offer than plumbing installation. In fact, contact 1st Class Plumbing as early in the planning stages as possible, and we can make you aware of possibilities you probably didn’t even know about. We can also help you strategically plan what goes where and demonstrate the most cost-effective ways to bring your ideas to life.

Is now the time for a kitchen or bath upgrade in your home? Then now’s the time to contact 1st Class Plumbing for truly professional assistance and dependable results.