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Water Heater Maintenance Tasks You Should Never Skip Home / Water Heater Maintenance Tasks You Should Never Skip

Plumber inspecting a water heater Richardson, TXMaintaining your water heater is essential to keep it running smoothly and efficiently. Certain tasks should never be neglected to ensure optimal performance. Below are some from 1st Class Plumbing–your go-to company for dependable water heater repair in Richardson, TX.

Cleaning or Replacing the Filter

Cleaning or replacing the filter is one of the most important steps of water heater maintenance. One should be installed at the water intake to prevent buildup and debris from entering your system. Over time, this filter will need to be cleaned or replaced. If left unchecked, debris can clog up the lines and cause major issues with your hot water supply.

Wiring Checks

Regular checks of your water heater’s wiring should be performed to make sure everything is connected securely and in good condition. If any wires appear loose, frayed, or damaged, they should be replaced immediately. Whether a tankless water heater or a traditional tanked heater, an experienced professional should do the wiring to avoid fires or other dangerous scenarios.

Checking the Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve

It’s also important to regularly check the temperature and pressure relief valve on your water heater, as this critical safety feature can prevent dangerous buildups of steam or water inside your tank. If any debris or buildup is present in this valve, you should have it replaced immediately. If these valves are not checked and maintained, it can lead to the need for a water heater replacement which can be costly.

System Descaling and Flushing

Regular descaling and flushing of your hot water system are necessary to keep it running smoothly–even if you’ve only recently had a water heater installation. Over time, minerals can build up in the tank and pipes, creating a thick sludge that can cause blockages or other issues. This buildup should be regularly cleaned out by a professional plumber who will use specialized technologies to remove these deposits without damaging your system.

Maintenance should never be neglected when it comes to water heaters. The maintenance tasks mentioned above will help to prevent costly repairs in the long run and keep your water heater running optimally. If you need help with water heater installation, maintenance, or repairs, contact us at 1st Class Plumbing or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment for professional assistance!

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