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Water Heater Maintenance 101: Essential Tips For Every Homeowner Home / Water Heater Maintenance 101: Essential Tips For Every Homeowner

Old, corroded water heater

Regular maintenance is essential if you want to increase the energy efficiency, effectiveness, and longevity of your water heater. It also helps reduce the occurrence of breakdowns because professionals can catch issues early, making them easy to repair.

The following are easy water heater maintenance tips that every homeowner should try.

Flush Regularly

After a water heater installation, we advise clients to empty and flush their water heater tanks once or twice a year to eliminate any buildup and sediments on the tank’s surface and bottom. Ensure you shut off the power and water supply to the tank and let the water cool before draining it. You can open the cold water supply valve or connect a hose to the tank, stirring up the sediment until clean water comes out.

Check The Anode Rod

Anode rods are aluminum, magnesium, or aluminum/zinc alloy metals in the water heater tank that attract corrosion and keep the tank’s interior from corrosion. If the anode rod is rusted and worn out, the tank starts getting corroded, and it might require a water heater replacement. We advise an anode rod replacement if over six inches of the core steel wire are exposed or if the rod’s thickness is below half an inch.

Insulate The Tank

Wrapping the water heater tank and nearby pipes with an insulating blanket helps reduce energy wastage and increases the water heater’s lifespan. This is because the insulation helps the heater maintain the heat, meaning it uses less energy to heat the water.

Conduct Annual Inspections

Whether using a traditional tanked or tankless water heater, it is essential to have a professional inspect it at least once a year. We have the necessary skills and equipment to identify issues that the homeowner might not recognize, ensuring we remedy them before they escalate.

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