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Regular drain cleaning is an essential task for homeowners to maintain the functionality of their plumbing systems. However, several common mistakes homeowners make can lead to clogged drain lines. These clogs can lead to slow draining, backups, and costly repairs. Homeowners must be aware of these mistakes, take the necessary steps to prevent clogs, and ensure their plumbing systems function correctly.

For quality Drain cleaning in Plano, TX, home and business owners turn to 1st Class Plumbing. Below are the common things homeowners do that clog up drain lines.

Neglecting Regular Drain Cleaning

Over time, debris and other materials can accumulate in drain pipes, causing blockages that can lead to slow draining, backups, and even damage to the plumbing system. Regular drain cleaning services can help prevent these issues by removing built-up debris and keeping the pipes flowing smoothly. Neglecting this maintenance routine can lead to more frequent clogs and costly repairs.

Pouring Grease and Oil Down the Drain

These substances congeal and stick to the walls of drain pipes, causing blockages that can lead to slow draining or backups. Even small amounts of grease and oil can accumulate over time and cause significant clogs. Fortunately, simple methods such as drain snaking often suffice with this issue.

Flushing Non-Degradable Items

Paper towels, wipes, and feminine hygiene products should never be flushed down the toilet as they can cause blockages. These materials do not break down and can easily cause backups in the plumbing system. Oftentimes, hydro jetting will be required to dislodge such debris from your drain lines.

By taking proactive steps to maintain their plumbing systems, homeowners can avoid costly repairs and ensure they function correctly. Prevent clogs and keep plumbing systems functioning correctly, by calling on the area’s top drain cleaning company: 1st Class Plumbing. Schedule a service appointment with us today!

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