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Simple Tricks to Help Keep Your Drains Clog-Free Home / Simple Tricks to Help Keep Your Drains Clog-Free

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Clear drains are a must for any household. Skip maintenance and they’re almost certain to clog up sooner rather than later. And when that happens, you’re in for a lot of problems. That’s why you can’t afford to ignore even minor clogs. In our many years of providing drain cleaning in Richardson, TX, we’ve handled drain clogs of varying severity. One thing’s for sure: a clog that’s ignored can result in a lot of inconveniences, such as sewage backup and flooding.

Here are simple tricks to keep your drains clog-free and help you avoid such complications:

Invest in Drain Guards

Also known as drain protectors, these simple but effective devices can prevent the development of a clogged drain by catching debris before it enters your drainage system. They are available in various sizes, shapes, and materials in order to fit snugly into all drains.

Keep Grease Out of Your Kitchen Drain

To prevent grease from clogging your kitchen drain, be very careful how you dispose of it. Never pour grease down the sink. Instead, allow it to cool and solidify. If you accidentally pour grease down the drain, flush it with hot soapy water ASAP. Otherwise, you may need to call for drain cleaning services soon.

Have Regular Drain Cleanings

For your drains to remain in tip-top shape, you should have them cleaned on a regular basis. Drain cleaning methods such as hydro jetting can remove all types of deposits, including frayed wires, hair products, pieces of stuck sticks, and other pipe debris.

Drain snaking is another effective method you can use to clean your drains. This method involves the use of a specialized tool known as a drain snake. This is a long cable with a spiral-shaped tip that is inserted into a drain and rotated to remove debris.

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