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Leaky water heater Richardson, TX

Water heater leaks can cause various problems, from flooding your home to damaging your possessions. Which is why it’s crucial to address them as soon as they are discovered. When in need of prompt and affordable water heater repair in Richardson, TX, look no further than 1st Class Plumbing. Below, we tackle the top reasons for water heater leaks.


Corrosion is one of the leading causes of water heater leaks. Decay occurs when minerals build up in the inner tank and cause it to rust or break down. Rust can be caused by minerals found in hard water or metals, such as iron, used to construct water heaters. To counter stave off corrosion that can lead to premature water heater replacement, water heaters have anode rods.

Poor Maintenance

Proper water heater maintenance is the key to your unit’s efficiency and longevity. Skip it and it’s certain to develop issues such as water leaks. Ideally, you should have your water heater checked annually to keep it in optimum condition. This changes depending on the load and usage in your household.

Temperature/Pressure Relief Valve Issues

The ideal PSi for homes should be around 60 (never more than 80). Go higher than that and you risk damaging your plumbing system. Go lower, and water-dependent appliances may develop issues. Always consider this when you have a water heater installation.

Loose Connections

Water heater replacement experts note that another common cause of water heater leaks is loose connections. To avoid messy leaks, inspect all the pipes and fittings for your water heater and ensure they are tight and secure.

When dealing with water heater leaks, homeowners may feel overwhelmed and not know where to turn. It’s good to know that you can depend on professionals like the team here at 1st Class Plumbing to help you with foolproof plumbing solutions. Schedule an appointment with us today!

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